Horse Training 101




Training a horse may be a long process but also a very rewarding experience. Training your horse by yourself allows you to teach him or her to do things in the manner that you prefer while creating a strong emotional bond. It is very satisfying to successfully train a horse and it is recommended to begin from the ground up and with time you will have a great riding horse.

Tips of successful horse training

The following are simple tips that will help you in training your horse successfully;

1. Recognize the level of you experience; Training a horse is an exciting experience. However, the excitement might hinder an objective look at your level of experience and knowledge on training horses. Horse training is a long process that should not be taken lightly. If you have the determination to train your horse but have little or no experience, it is recommended hire a professional trainer or acquiring plenty of advice from a friend who has more experience.

2. Be a strong leader for the horse. In order to achieve successful training, you should show your horse that you have, in mind, their best interest and also that you are trustworthy. You should ensure to do the best for your horse. Every horse is different and they each need different approaches. Leading is however different from bossing. When training your horse ensure to give strong and clear signals without being abusive or aggressive. As a strong leader, your goals include:

· Be assertive and avoid aggressiveness.

· Train your horse with a slow and steady pace so as to create trust.

· Keep the safety of horse both mentally and physically in mind always.

· Be calm and confident.

3. Be patient with your horse; You should not expect your horse to bond with you or trust you immediately even if you have plenty of experience. It is advisable to be patient throughout the entire training process so as to earn the trust of your horse successfully.

4. Create an effective training plan; Even the best horse trainers have their own mental lesson plan kept in mind. It is recommended to ensure that you are organized and have a step-by-step training plan. The training schedule should be broken down into tasks or small goals to enable you work through them eventually. Everything in your plan should be building on the things that you have already trained the horse. This implies that your horse’s training is consistently reinforced. You should stick to the training schedule. Taking longer than expected to train the horse is okay. You should however ensure not to leave huge time gaps between the training sessions.

5. Develop a steady discipline/reward system. You will be unable to train a horse properly if you are not consistent with the training system pertaining to the horse’s discipline and rewards. Positive reinforcement is greatly ideal as compared to negative reinforcement. Sometimes however, a horse will need you to be extremely assertive prior to doing what you ask of it.

There are numerous horse training techniques and philosophies. Also, horses tend to have varying conformation, temperatures, athletic potential as well as personalities, all of which might influence the techniques used for training. Employ the few simple tips above and you will definitely achieve success in training your horse.





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