Is Horse Racing Cruel?


Horse racing is one of the most popular games in present times and is being played since quite a long time. One question that has always cast doubts about the game’s humane side and has questioned its legitimacy is about the game being cruel to horses. Recent reports and facts published by PETA have again brought this debate into limelight and the game has come under serious scrutiny.

Horse racing is highly competitive sport and here the pressure to win forces the Jockey to accelerate the speed of their horses to run faster. Surely this affects the body of the horse and makes them feel stressed and quite exhausted. Although, horses are quite strong and can bear up to 1000 pounds but this certainly does not mean that they do not get hurt or does not feel pain or suffering. Horse racing is a game where horses are made to run quite faster for entertaining the crowds and high amount of bets are placed on the winning horse.


How racing proves harsh on the body of the animal?

Horses are considered as the most energetic and one of the strongest species and they certainly can carry the load of heavy expectations. Horse racing is quite a challenging game and horses are made to run as fast as they can. They run for their life in a derby race and this certainly impacts their body.

Horses are trained from very young age for these races and young ones up to age of 2 year are made to race in trial races. Young horses are quite susceptible to injuries and they do not even develop their bones and muscles till such age. Therefore, it is quite apt to train a horse after a certain age to ensure their safety while in races.

Do horses often get affected by loneliness?

Horses are one of the most loved animals and they like to stay in herd to experience group activities and graze with fellow horses. Horses like to roam in large fields and they like to live in open places for a suitable living. Horse racing demands every horse to train separately and they are made to stay in isolated areas for days to avoid any injury or ill health.

Horses are dragged to various racetracks from time to time and it they seldom get the opportunity to stay in herd and enjoy with other horses. This makes them quite lonely and they get affected quite deeply.

To avoid this situation and remove the tag of cruel behavior that is associated with the game it is apt to provide them with suitable environment. Horses should be kept in company of other horses and they should always be treated in friendliest manner rather than a source of earning or entertainment.

Horse racing is quite a challenging game and tests the stamina and endurance of every horse. Racing takes a toll on their body and it is in the interest of humanity to provide them with proper care and nourishment before and after every race.

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